Maximum Nutrition Franchising

Tired of taking orders from someone else? Want to be your own boss? Have you always had the Entrepreneurial spirit but didn’t know how or where to apply it? Well, look no further. Maximum Nutrition is the next “Big Thing” to happen to franchising. With cutting edge nutritional products, low start up costs and NO Royalties, Maximum Nutrition Franchises are you best option for success and financial freedom.

Why Sports Nutrition and Health Supplements?

– 7 out of 10 doctors are now recommending supplements to their patients.

– People today are much more conscious of their health and are using preventative nutrition at higher rates than any other time in history.

– Gyms and health clubs are opening faster than ever before.

– Even with the downturn in the economy, the nutrition industry continues to grow at an alarming rate!

Why a Maximum Nutrition Franchise?

– Low start up costs. Save well over 100k compared to other franchises.

– No royalties.

– No advertising fees.

– On-site training.

– Ongoing support for continued growth.

– Next generation nutritional supplements and continued product development.

– Full line of vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition and weight loss.

– Maximum Nutrition provides National advertising without charging the franchisees.

– Maximum Nutrition products are sold in over 26 countries around the world.

– Maximum Nutrition is Franchise Friendly! When you succeed, we succeed!